Reiki Healing

With Reiki Master Lisa Hahn

in Norwich

Reiki Healer Norwich with Lisa Hahn

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki treatment consists of a hands-on healing using specific hands positions across the energy points along the body, while lying or sitting, fully clothed. 

This will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted and peaceful.


Whats involved.

Treatment would include a consultation and discussion on your health and well being. Including any particular areas or issues you feel would benefit from healing at that time.

Reiki usually has a cumulative effect, so as treatment progresses with each session, the energy and healing can go deeper. It is not necessary to have any particular religious or spiritual beliefs to benefit from Reiki.


How Much does it cost?

Initial Hour £40 including consultation.

Subsequent sessions £30.


Sessions are at the Complementary Clinic in Norwich, or if you prefer at your own home.

Lisa is fully certified, insured and also a member of The Healing Trust.

Contact Lisa

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