Stages of Care

Stages of support offered


Free consultation in a neutral place, decided by you, or by telephone if you would prefer

Tell me a little bit about you

I will tell you a little bit about me

An introduction to Soul Midwifery

 Tell me more about you and your life

Who are you?

Who is important in your life?

What you like?

How/where you live, and family/friends, connections, groups?

What memories you would like to leave?


Now you may want to talk about

What may happen?

Where you would prefer to be?

Who you would like there? (family, friends, pets, partner only)

What you want there?

(Music, photos, candles, lighting)

Things you would like to see, feel, touch, visualise

Extended thoughts/feelings about






How these interact with your life, and what place they will have then

As you and your body journey on




Last words


Cultural expectations

Where you would want to be placed?

(Bed at home, hospice, somewhere else)

After care


What happens to you after your body has passed on

Placement (Home/funeral home)

Ceremony People and things of yours (will) Your preferences

What do you want me to be in these different stages?


Comforter, advocate, listener, supporter

Sign poster, co-ordinator, carer

Healer, vigil keeper, family support

These can be offered in packages of time, either paid forward, or at the time of need.