Soul Clinic
August Reflections
(New Moon, The Lion’s Gate is open, and we are half way between Solstices)

When somebody is reaching the end of a life, getting ready to journey on or in a period of trauma or awakening, humanistic thoughts come back to the ages old questions.
“Why am I here?”, “Is this all there is?”

Every Spiritual part of my own journey has come back to how to Be and Do, from a place of what, when and whom?

As a Soul Midwife how could I support a “Friend” who may be contemplating these human thoughts and feelings?

I am currently working some nursing shifts in a neurological rehabilitation unit locally. Whenever I  approach a resident there, I try to Intuit how they might be feeling following a brain or spinal injury. This person may not be able to express or share their emotions in a clear verbal manner, so their behaviour will express how they are feeling in the only way they can. How would I feel emotionally and mentally, if I could not express myself, when physically I am unable to control my body or walk away when uncomfortable.

If I am privileged enough, as I have been many times in my life, to sit at the bedside of somebody who is dying, how could I bring ease and calm to their journey?, would be the ultimate question as a Soul Midwife.

By supporting and recognising that person’s Individual needs and wishes what could I offer: Healing, Sound or Oils or gentle Touch Massage, or just be in Silent Loving Vigil.

. I would want to allow that person, respect, safety and privacy to reflect, vocalise or in any way express themselves, and offer relief from any anxieties or unfinished thoughts or words.
Any specific rituals that may support the “Friends” needs, whether that be a religious ceremony conducted by their chosen “cleric”, or a blessing of humanistic value to them, I would support and advocate for them. I could bring Meditation/ Visualisation technique, Balancing or remain in Silent Vigil whilst Holding Space around their spiritual and emotional needs.

It is both an Honour and my Soul passion to be able to offer this service to an Individual, their family, carers or an organisation that values a Human and Spiritual Perspective for a person’s End of Life Journey.